Notre-Dame fire completely extinguished, three people slightly injured

notre dame fire under control

Update: The fire that broke out on Monday evening in the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris was completely extinguished according to the fire brigade.

It is known that three people have been slightly injured. It involves two police officers and a firefighter, the fire department reported Tuesday morning.

The structure of the cathedral has been preserved after nine hours of “bitter struggle”, the most important works of art could be saved.

A spokesman said the fire spread very quickly over the entire roof structure. This concerns an area of ​​approximately 1000 square meters.

Many prominent people have praised the fire brigade, because they have prevented the entire structure from being lost through brave and skillful action. That threatened to happen when the sea of ​​fire also reached the large church tower.


The extent of the damage is still to be determined. The roof of the iconic structure in particular had to suffer. Earlier the fire brigade announced that the two towers of Notre-Dame have been saved and that the structure of the cathedral has also been preserved.

A major fire broke out at 7 pm on Monday night in the famous Parisian cathedral Notre-Dame. The fire brigade had great difficulty controlling the fire. A large part of the cathedral has been destroyed, the spire has collapsed.

French President Macron has already promised that Notre Dame will be rebuilt.

Macron actually planned to give a long-awaited speech on TV on Monday night about the ‘yellow vests’, but had canceled that for Notre Dame. “I’m sorry to see this part of us burn tonight,” the president tweeted.

Most visited

According to Le Figaro, Notre Dame is the most visited historical monument in Europe. The imposing, world-famous church was built between 1163 and 1345. It is one of the most famous historical buildings in the world.

UNESCO pledged support from the French authorities on Monday. The UN organization is “on the side of France to save and restore Notre Dame,” Audrey Azoulay, General Director, said on Twitter. Azoulay calls the 850-year-old cathedral in the French capital “an invaluable heritage”. She states that her organization closely follows the developments surrounding the burning church.

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