Nvidia and VMware make advances in virtual GPU technology


Nvidia just revealed its collaboration with VMware to introduce its virtual graphics processing unit (vGPU) to cloud computing virtualization platform vSphere and VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nvidia’s vGPU isn’t groundbreaking technology, however, it will now support the virtualization of servers to allow firms to operate their hardware-accelerated artificial intelligence and data science duties in environments such as vSphere, with the use of its recent vComputeServer tech.

“With vComputeServer, IT admins can better streamline management of GPU accelerated virtualized servers while retaining existing workflows and lowering overall operational costs,” Nvidia explained. This will also result in firms gaining the cost benefits of GPU Sharing and GPU Aggregation, due to the better functionality that this tech has to offer.

GPU Sharing

“GPU sharing (fractional) is only possible with NVIDIA vGPU technology. It enables multiple VMs to share a GPU, maximizing utilization for lighter workloads that require GPU acceleration,” Nvidia states on its site.

GPU Aggregation

“With GPU aggregation, a VM can access more than one GPU, which is often required for compute-intensive workloads. vComputeServer supports both multi-vGPU and peer-to-peer computing. With multi-vGPU, the GPUs aren’t directly connected; with peer-to-peer, they are through NVLink for higher bandwidth.”

vComputeServer functions with VMware Sphere, vCenter, vMotion, and VMware Cloud. The companies are utilizing the same vComputeServer tech to bring accelerated GPU services to VMware Cloud on AWS.

“From operational intelligence to artificial intelligence, businesses rely on GPU-accelerated computing to make fast, accurate predictions that directly impact their bottom line,” said Nvidia founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jensen Huang. “Together with VMware, we’re designing the most advanced and highest performing GPU-accelerated hybrid cloud infrastructure to foster innovation across the enterprise.”

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