Osaka High Court upholds “Black Widow” death sentence

chisako kakehi

A court in the Japanese city of Osaka has dismissed the appeal of a serial murderer sentenced to death. Chisako Kakehi, better known as the “The Black Widow,” poisoned at least three men, including a husband with cyanide to collect millions of inheritances and benefits. A court sentenced the woman to death in 2017.

The woman got in touch with potential victims through dating agencies. Kakehi, also known in Japanese media as the “Poison Woman”, would have specifically asked for men who were rich and childless. Money was the motive for the murders. According to the Japan Times, the woman would have inherited at least about 1 billion yen (about € 6.7 million) from her deceased partners.

1000 people

The lurid case caught a lot of attention at the time. During the session in 2012, more than 1000 people wanted to attend the case.

In 2017, the serial killer heard the death sentence pronounced against her by a judge. She was convicted of three murder cases and an attempted murder of a fourth man. Her lawyers then argued in vain that their client was suffering from dementia. Kakehi said earlier that she is ready to be hanged and also said she will die laughing.

In recent years, the “Black Widow” – a reference to the female spiders of this species that their partners eat after sex – has not been in jail. She got married twice since her arrest in 2017 and kept an online blog. All the while she denied being guilty of the death of her lovers.

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