Parents of son killed in accident looking to have scooters banned

After the death of Brady Gaulke, his parents are demanding that scooters be banned throughout Nashville. Brady was killed in an accident involving a scooter, and his parents are trying to make sure that this situation never happens again for any family.

His mother, Heiki Gaulke, says that she’s “heartbroken over her son’s death and the mistake that cost him his life.”

Both of Brady’s parents, Heidi and Brian Gaulke, say that Brady was an “incredible son with unparalleled ethic work.” They both said that he grew and thrived at Star Physical Therapy, a place where he helped patients recover from their injuries.

The 26 year old cared deeply about his family and Jax, his rescue dog.

Shortly after 10pm on Thursday night was when the incident happened. Brady was reported to be on a Bird scooter, a dockless electric scooter that has grown in popularity. Brady veered into the street from the sidewalk, and as he did so he was hit by a Nissan Pathfinder. He was left critically injured.

Just days later, he was taken off of life support by his parents.

“No other family should go through this”

Brady’s parents are looking to have scooter companies completely taken out of Nashville in attempt to stop something like this from happening again.

“That is the whole reason behind wanting to get these things off the streets in Nashville,” said his parents. “So no other family, whether it’s a Nashvillian or it’s a tourist, have to go through the pain and suffering that we are going through today.”

Preliminary investigation has revealed that Brady should have been in the bike lane to begin with. Even though this information has come forth, Brady’s parents still feel that the accident could have been avoided and prevented.

The Gaulke family isn’t from Nashville either, they had been visiting from New York. While they stayed in the city, they have seen that the rules are broken constantly and the city has not caught up yet with the rise in population.

“There’s nothing being enforced.” They said, “They ride on the sidewalks when there’s bike lanes, they ride in the road, there’s no rhyme or reason on how people are operating these scooters in Nashville.”

“It’s a slap in the face”

Nashville’s mayor, David Briley, wrote a letter in regards to several scooter companies. The letter States that they must follow city rules or else they will risk being banned entirely in the city.

Heidi believes that this just isn’t enough.

“The fact that they’re saying the mayor, who I believe must be an intelligent man, is giving the scooters [companies] there 30 days to make scooters safe in Nashville, is literally a slap in our faces, it is impossible.”

The family has created their own petition saying that the Metro Council should take action to ban all scooters in Nashville.

“In honor of my son, I will never stop fighting for him.” said Heidi.

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. The scooter companies could care less about tragedy’s like yours.. They are predators. I live in San Antonio and they have come in and dumped their high tech junk all over the city. I’ve never seen anything like this where a company can literally use city owned right of way to store and rent vehicles with almost total immunity. Imagine a car rental company just dumping cars at every corner and allowing almost anyone to use them. It’s total insanity and I hope you can use your loss to help others avoid a similar one. The scooter companies should be held accountable!!!! These are motor vehicles that aren’t licensed or permitted for road use yet cities (ours included) allow anyone to ride them on roads. I believe bureaucrats like your mayor have blood on their hands because any moron could see that tragedies like yours were highly predictable and did nothing to prevent it. Had it been a licensed motor vehicle your son might be alive today as there are all kinds of safety standards in place. I wish you well and these scooter companies can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

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