Parrot warning drug dealers arrested by police

Something special has been seized during a drug raid in Brazil – a parrot that warned drug dealers about police agents. According to police, the animal was trained to stand on the lookout and shouted “Mama, the police,” when seeing officers.

A police spokesman said, “He must have been trained to do that.” He immediately started screaming when he saw us.

No cooperation

A Brazilian journalist who saw the animal after the arrest described it as “extremely obedient” according to The Guardian. He did not make a sound to the police. A veterinarian confirmed that the parrot did not cooperate: “Many policemen came by, but he did not say anything.”

Brazilian media reported that the animal was found during a raid in a building in Vila Irmã Dulce. In addition to a charge for drug possession and drug trafficking, the owners of the animal can also brace themselves being charged for illegal possession of a wild animal.

The parrot is taken care of in a zoo. There the animal will learn to fly and how to survive in nature, a process that can take two to three months. Then the parrot will be released into the wild again.

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