Patients left with no teeth and thousands in debt

Richard “Nate” Schott, former dentist and the man behind destroying his patients lives. He left them with no teeth, and thousands of dollars in debt after visiting him.

Rochelle Therrien, $400, Jeff Patton, $3,000, and Vessie Moore, an unfortunate amount of $14,000. These are just a few people among the many that Schott robbed in his career.

Schott has been arrested on charges of health care fraud, pleading guilty to swindling almost a million dollars from insurance companies.

While Schott’s is being ordered to forfeit the $932,000 he stole from insurance companies, the individuals affected by him are not entitled to restitution. The attorneys who’re prosecuting Schott are representing the insurance companies and not the people who paid him with their own money.

“I don’t think it’s fair that an individual who made (money) fraudulently can steal from people who pay out of pocket,” Rochelle Therrien said shortly after finding out prosecutors won’t be representing the individuals.

Vessie Moore had a lot more than just money to lose. She left with not only $14,000 out of her pocket, but with no teeth either. She says that she feels “less than human” after the whole experience.

Moore’s experience was by far the worst of all. Problems with her teeth began immediately after the popular Murfreesboro dentist incorrectly installed her teeth implants. Back in October of 2016, they were placed crooked and were often popping out on her.

Visiting Dental Excellence over twenty times for issues, the staff began to refuse to see her entirely. They told her she simply had to get used to the implants the way that they were.

‘It felt like mini strokes’

Moore reporting having what she says felt like mini strokes. She went to the emergency room where she learned that the implants that had been installed were tangled in her nerves. Buried in debt already from the initial installation of the implants and the emergency room visit, Moore is now even deeper in depth after another dentist removed the implants for her.

“It makes me feel like I’m less than human,” Moore said. “I can’t even get affordable dentures. … I can’t live. I can’t eat. I can’t do nothing.”

After filing a lawsuit, her case was thrown out by a judge due to the fact that she incorrectly filed her paperwork. With the assistance of an attorney, she hopes to refile correctly and be compensated for her great losses.

Both Patton and Therrien received crowns from Schott. Patton was told that he would need crowns which would cost over $3,000. He agreed, paying $1,700 out of pocket and then signing up for a credit card to help cover the costs. Months later, Patton found out costs were double what he was told.

Therrien was told she had to get crowns, but declined. Regardless of declining, the employees still made the crowns and then charged her credit cards without her permission. Therrien never review the money back and she eventually had to pay it off.

“I just want him to pay for what he’s done,” Therrien said.

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