Poll suggests the US will use its influence in a bad way


The United States – alongside Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran – is now considered a country likely to utilize their influence for bad, while Canada, Germany, and the UN are thought to be the most likely to employ their international influence for good.

The poll results will be published along with a major speech  from the ex British foreign secretary, David Miliband. Miliband – President of the International Rescue Committee – contests that international relations are now ruled by a modern age of non-liability where war crimes and assaults on humanitarian workers remain widely undisciplined. Miliband also says that an extensive withdraw of liberal democracy has lead to the separation of states, where some states adhere to the rules enforced after World War II, and others saying that those international laws are “for suckers”.

“The image of President Putin and Crown Prince bin Salman exchanging a high five at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires last November epitomized the new order, with domestic opponents dead and foreign policy interests pursued outside international law,” says Miliband.

The poll involved 17,000 people worldwide and was run by Ipsos Mori in two dozen countries on behalf of the Policy Institute at Kings College London. Iran came to be considered as the most likely to implement their influence for bad, followed closely by Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and USA. Conversely, 37 percent thought Canada would probably be a positive force, with the UN being a close second.

Human rights record a deciding factor

A significant amount (41 – 50 percent) of those who answered the poll in Britain, Sweden, Hungary, and South Africa, said that the human rights history of a country should be a definitive element when it comes to deciding relations with that country. More than a third of global respondents felt that their country should only trade with countries that possess a good human rights track record, even if it’s at a detriment to their economy.

Miliband said, “The poll shows that around the world, large numbers of people are looking for commitment to human rights and global engagement. However, it is striking that the US should be perceived to have descended to the level of Russia as a global spoiler.”

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