Polluting our world will become as detested as slavery according to David Attenborough


David Attenborough has told members of parliament that the attitudes of the younger generations in regard to dealing with the environmental issues indicates that there is still hope for the planet. He says that pollution on Earth will soon become a factor that sparks as much revulsion as slavery.

Providing evidential methods of combating the climate crisis to the business, energy, and industrial committee, Attenborough stated that drastic actions are required. He suggests that the net zero carbon emissions approach is not sufficient.

“In a way, I would think that is not the way of focusing on the problem,” says Attenborough. “We cannot be radical enough in dealing with the issues that face us at the moment. The question is: what is practically possible? How can we take the electorate with us in dealing with these things?”

A shift in mindset offers a source of hope

He further commented, “The most encouraging thing that I see, of course, is that the electors of tomorrow are already making themselves and their voices very, very clear. And that is a source of great comfort in a way, but also the justification, the reality, that these young people are recognizing that their world is the future. I’m okay, and all of us here are okay, because we don’t face the problems that are coming. But the problems in the next 30 years are really major problems that are going to cause social unrest, and great changes in the way that we live, and what we eat. It’s going to happen.”

Labour member of parliament, Vernon Coaker, asked for an elaboration on how public attitudes have changed. Attenborough answered, “There was a time in the 19th century when it was perfectly acceptable for civilized human beings to think that it was morally acceptable to actually own another human being for a slave. And somehow or other, in the space of 20 or 30 years, the public perception of that totally transformed.”

Plastic, fossil fuels, animal agriculture, and deforestation are some of the biggest problems were facing in this dire age; it’s every person’s responsibility to practice a better way of living for the sake of themselves and for their children.

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