Priority shifts affect Americans’ travel plans


MMGY Global’s research and insights company, MMGY Travel Intelligence, has revealed the results of their Portrait of American Travelers survey for 2019. The findings for the commendable study suggest fast changing priorities for travelers based on their concern over safety, the rapid uptake of the new sharing economy, and an increased conscientious approach to travelling.

As priorities shift, travellers plan to spend as much on travel this year (around $5,000) as they did last year. Although slightly less intend to go on vacation, they plan to spend about 17 percent more than they did this time last year. This is partly a result of a change in the average age of people who are most likely to travel in the future.

“While there may be some economic clouds on the horizon that could slow down travel (spending), we see signs of cautious optimism among travelers in the near term, but not from the generations from whom we have seen historic growth in the past,” said Executive Vice President of MMGY Travel Intelligence, Chris Davidson. “Instead of a younger audience, it’s Gen X and Boomer travelers who are driving this optimism when it comes to anticipated spending in the next 12 months.”

Conscientious consumerism is the way of the future

Travellers of today are swayed by a variety of factors. There is more choice, more data, and more reason in regards to where, why, and how people pick their travel arrangements.


60 percent of United States travellers feel that overcrowded tourist areas will play a big role when it comes to choosing a destination over the following 5 to 10 years.

Climate change

48 percent of United States travellers believe that climate change will also be a deciding factor on which destinations they might choose to visit over the next decade.

Corporate responsibility

13 percent of United States citizens say that they’ve chosen a travel service based on perceptions of sustainable and environmental aspects in the last year – an increase of 8 percent in 2018. This rise is thought to be the result of more millennial travellers.

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