Pro boxer dies from brain injury four days after getting knocked out


Tragedy struck after last weekend’s boxing match in Chicago which saw the devastating knockout of pro boxer Patrick Day. Yesterday, the 27 year old died due to severe brain damage caused by the fight against Charles Conwell.

“He was surrounded by his family, close friends, and members of his boxing team, including his mentor, friend, and trainer Joe Higgins,” stated Day’s promoter, Lou DiBella. “On behalf of Patrick’s family, team, and those closest to him, we are grateful for the prayers, expressions of support, and outpouring of love for Pat that have been so obvious since his injury.”

Conwell’s reaction

Conwell posted a tweet earlier this week saying, “I never meant for this to happen to you. All I ever wanted to do was win. If I could take it all back I would. No one deserves for this to happen to them. I replay the fight over and over in my head, thinking, ‘what if this never happened and why did it happen to you?’ I can’t stop thinking about it myself. I prayed for you so many times and shedded so many tears because I couldn’t even imagine how my family and friends would feel.”

After Day was knocked out by Conwell nearing the last few rounds of the match, Day was unconscious for some time before medics came to evaluate the situation. He was then taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

According to DiBella, Day wasn’t strapped for cash. Boxing was something he did because he was passionate about it.

“He chose to box, knowing the inherent risks that every fighter faces when he or she walks into a boxing ring,” said DiBella. “Boxing is what Pat loved to do. It’s how he inspired people and it was something that made him feel alive.”

Day’s record was 17-4-1. Six of his wins were knockouts.

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