Puppies surviving hurricanes are finding new homes

As a result of the flooding through Tennessee back in February, many puppies happened to be left behind. In the Caribbean, where hurricanes are frequent, this is constant and bigger problem.

In recent months, there has been more than fifty dogs rescued from hurricanes in the Caribbean. These pups can now be found across the U.S., including Tennessee. This is all thanks to a local woman who wanted to make a difference in the country. Helping rescue dogs to find new homes was her goal.

Britnie Turner was checking real estate in the British Virgin Islands. While there, she got trapped during Hurricane Maria, the category five hurricane that tore through the area. After this experience, she began to help out with recovery. She found that while she was helping out, she found quite a big number of puppies that were simply left behind by their owners without a care.

She felt devastated, and knew she had to help make a difference.

The surviving puppies

More than fifty puppies were found and saved across the Virgin Islands by Turner. She’s made a great effort to do her best to make sure that these pups aren’t left abandoned by their owners, and are instead reunited with loving owners.

Turner called up a friend to help her get the puppies back to the U.S. Diana Warner, a designer, has adopted one of the puppies herself. She named the little one, “Hurri-canine Maria.”

Warner helped greatly in getting the puppies safely into the states and ensuring they had new owners. In fact, all the puppies that were available in the U.S. have now been given away to loving families.

Lucy, one of the dogs who was rescued, might have had it the worst through the storms.

“She was found hacked up with a machete in a dumpster in the Virgin Islands. She has a pin holding her right back leg together.” said Bob Bundy, Lucy’s new owner. It’s truly heartbreaking knowing what these dogs go through, including abandonment. Lucy was left for dead, but now she has another chance at a better life here in the states.

Another puppy, Stella, was barely alive when found by Turner. She was undernourished and suffering greatly, but now she’s with a new owner in a much better environment.

“She was really in terrible shape and so now she’s almost doubled her weight and she is so rambunctious and quite hilarious.” said her owner, Connie Coffey.

Kristen Benesh, a high school student looking for a prom dress, came to Diana Warner’s store. Instead of a prom dress, she walked away with a new puppy.

“We came over here and he was here and I was like, ‘Yeah, this is him. I’m going to get him.’ So instead of a prom dress, I got a puppy.” she said.

Although all puppies in the states have been claimed, new puppies are brought in ever six to eight weeks. So if you’re looking to make a puppy happier than ever, you can adopt one as soon as more are brought to the country.

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