re: Mars: Amazon launches new logistics robots

Pegasus amazon logistics robot

Amazon is launching at its first re: Mars conference Xanthus and Pegasus. Two new robots to boost Amazon’s automation.

At Amazon’s first edition of its re: Mars conference, the e-commerce company unveiled its new logistics robots. The new bots will be known as Pegasus and Xanthus and will replace the older ones that are still driving around.

The mythical Pegasus

The American company currently has around 800 Pegasus specimens driving around in its distribution centers. The retailer has a total of around 200,000 robots in circulation worldwide. The bots help the employees sort packages. This means that Amazon is able to handle packages much faster.

Since 2012, Amazon has been investing heavily in robotics that should facilitate and speed up its business processes. However, the company does not only use self-made robots. A while ago the company introduced CartonWrap, a new robot that is a lot faster and can therefore replace almost 24 employees as a whole.

Amazon’s newest robots mean new jobs

Innovation is opening up new career paths in Amazon warehouses. Learn more at: Visit Amazon’s Day One Blog: Find us on Twitter: and Instagram:

The end of human employees?

Scott Anderson, the robotics director at Amazon, emphasizes that this is certainly not the end of his human employees. “Our loyal human employees are still very important in the packaging process”, according to Anderson. He says it can take at least another ten years before the entire package process is automated.

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