Record high temperatures to hit Tennessee

Tennessee is expecting to experience record high temperatures due to a dangerous heat wave. Dubbed the “Death Ridge”, temperatures are expected to rise to tripe digits over the Memorial Day weekend and the upcoming week.

Temperature highs could be well into the high 90s and even dip into the 100s in places in Tennessee and the Carolinas, says the National Weather Service.

The Valley region of Tennessee could possibly have temperatures reaching all the way up to the mid 90s, with heat indices reaching the upper 90s.

These incredibly high temperatures could potentially break records that were set way back in May of 1914. Knoxville experienced an all time high of 94 degrees, so it’s likely that temperatures will exceed that.

Throughout the Memorial Day weekend, Middle Tennessee is expected to see afternoon highs that are 10-12 degrees higher than the average temperature, said the National Weather Service in Nashville in a Facebook post.

Nashville has already tied the record high temperature for May 23rd with an all time high of 91 degrees.

“Mother Nature continues to play this cruel joke on the citizens of Middle TN. Doesn’t she know it’s still spring?” The post made by the National Weather Service said. “Apparently she doesn’t give a hoot. Instead, she’s decided to set up a hot-box across the region.”

On top of all the intense heat, there’s most likely going to be little to no rain at all.

“Yes, you’re very likely going to have to wait until the middle of next week before seeing any of the wet stuff,” the National Weather Service said.

Hottest temperatures of all time

Meteorologist Ryan Maue said that the heat wave was more like a “death ridge”, brining calm winds and completely dry conditions along with the extreme heat.

In Atlanta, Georgia, the National Weather Service released a statement advising people of the unusually high temperatures. Specifically, the statement warned of highs of 96 through the upcoming week.

“The chance for precipitation will remain virtually nil,” the statement for Atlanta said.

“Please take extra precautions for the heat by remaining hydrated, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, and limiting strenuous activities when spending time outdoors,” the National Weather Service in Atlanta said in their statement.

While the unusual heat is nearly unbearable at this time, it’s likely that the heat will continue to stick around until early June.

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