Royal Livingstone Hotel embraces sustainable farming


The Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara is setting the example that authentic luxury can be enhanced by practicing more natural and conscientious methods of daily activities. The popular tourist destination’s most recent ambitions involve the introduction of smallholders into the hotel’s procurement operations as part of an effort to improve local communities through sustainable enterprises, which makes it easier for these smallholders to receive a bigger piece of the tourist economy.

Tourism in Zambia has risen a lot over the last few years, but while more renowned businesses have been cashing in on this opportunity, smallholders have been widely excluded from the action. A prosperous social media campaign is assisting with the promotion of these sustainability projects with widespread benefits.

Sustainable business

Roughly 300 smallholders are based in Livingstone. These are typically farmers who depend mostly on sales generated from stalls on the side of the road. Often though, their sales aren’t sufficient, forcing them to deal with greedy middlemen. By establishing a Smallholder Farmers’ Market at the hotel’s warehouse a few times a month, the Livingstone eliminated the need for middlemen by purchasing all of the crops straight from the smallholders at a decent price.

Zambian women farmers are used to specialist produce. The Maramba Women’s Mushroom Farm makes mushrooms of the finest quality. The farm avoided being shut down thanks to investment from the Livingstone Hotel. The farm also goes above and beyond specialist produce Because of the hotel’s investment, the farm can offer education, medication, and support services to locals with HIV as well.

The Anantara team has taught sustainable techniques to farmers at the Nsongwe Women’s Farm, where over 3,000 employees produce indigenous fruit. It used to be that although mostly women did the field work, men handled the marketing and sales of the produce, often denying women their fair share of the earnings. Majority of the farm’s produce is now being sold to local hotels, and the long-term contracts establish sustainability.

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