Ruined bachelorette parties and the NFL Draft

As most people know, Nashville tends to be the city that brides to be go to in order to have a great bachelorette party. Nashville tends to be a safe and fun place to visit, which is a reason why many women visit for their parties. The streets are safe, and there’s numerous businesses opened that are directed towards women on their bachelorette parties.

It’s always been a great city to visit, and still continues to be.

With the recent NFL Draft though, many women have found themselves feeling let down after saying their bachelorette parties are ruined.

The streets being filled with football fans from all over make it hard for the women to enjoy their time. Women who had absolutely no idea of what was happening traveled to Nashville in hopes of having the time of their lives. Unfortunately for most, it’s been the exact opposite.

In fact, most women feel as if their party has been completely ruined, and they’re being rather vocal about it.

“I don’t want to have to hang out with a bunch of football guys,” says one woman who was sporting a “Bride” t-shirt, “Like, I’m good. I already have to watch football on Sundays; I don’t need to see any more of that.”

The streets of Nashville have been completely filled with NFL fans, making it hard for the women to even feel like they’re slightly enjoying themselves.

“When did they start planning the draft? Because I feel like I just found out about this,” said one of the bridesmaids to the woman in the “Bride” t-shirt.

“I found out three days ago, and it made me want to cry.”

There has been an estimate of more than 100,000 people filling Nashville’s main streets and bars.

Opinions from around the internet

One woman in a deleted tweet said, “The NFL caused all the bars to shut down in Nashville so all the plans that I made months ago for my best friends bachelorette party are now canceled due to the draft this weekend. #NotHappy” The tweet has most likely been deleted in response to all the backlash.

“We come here to listen to country music, not hang out with football boys,” said another woman.

Most men, and many women too, are calling out the ones who are upset over the NFL Draft happening at the same time as their parties.

“There’s been billboards all over Nashville for weeks,” said one Twitter user in response to the bride and her bridesmaid complaining about the draft, “They’ve mentioned it more than once on the news, it’s been on buses, all over Twitter…they must not be livin in Tennessee.”

While there’s quite a few women who are against the NFL Draft happening at this time, there’s also a good amount of people telling them that they should’ve planned better and paid more attention.

The NFL Draft continues during this week, blocking off entire streets and bars. An estimate of over 200,000 people are going to participate in the activities through this week.

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