Sanction: Google still comes to the rescue of Huawei


Google will still help Huawei. In an argument with the US government, the company states that the exclusion of Huawei can be dangerous.

After the previous negative reports about the relationship between the US, Google and Huawei, the American search engine jumps into the breach for the smartphone maker. Google warns that the complete exclusion of Huawei involves a number of important security risks.

A line through the bill

After Huawei was banned from Google’s Android platform, the Chinese company announced that it was already working on a new OS based on Android’s open-source platform. And that is where the shoe pinches. “Because Google can no longer cooperate with Huawei, the US risks two versions of Android,” says an anonymous source.

Moreover, the chance is much greater that the second version of Android will contain more bugs, making the operating system more susceptible to hacks. Hacks that may also be implemented by China and its government.

US cyber security

In another argument, the American internet company states that cyber security in the US would be compromised. After all, Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. If this is going to work with an Android version full of holes and sinks, it seems the company better that the Chinese build an Android version over which Google also has control and can therefore guarantee safety.

Now that all sounds very logical, but of course the company also thinks about itself. Google sells many applications every year through its Play Store, if the Chinese market is lost, Google loses a piece of income. It is unclear how this issue will continue to evolve, although Google must ultimately comply with US law, while also protecting all current and future Google users.

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