Senior politician Mark Field violently handles Greenpeace protestor


Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK, suspended politician Mark Field after the release of a video where he is shoving a protestor and aggressively gripping her around the neck as he pushes her out of the room.

Field was present at a black tie event at the Mansion House yesterday when Greenpeace demonstrators crashed the party during UK Chancellor Philip Hammond’s speech. The protestors had the words “climate emergency” written across their sashes.

“The Prime Minister has seen the footage and found it very concerning. The police have said they are looking into reports over this matter and Mark Field has also referred himself to both the Cabinet Office and Conservative Party,” says a spokesperson for the Prime Minister.

Shortly after the protest began, one of the women walked by Field’s table when he stood up and pinned her against a pillar, after which he grabbed her by the neck and violently lead her away from the event. Field says his actions were instinctive and he legitimately thought that the Greenpeace protestor may have been armed.

What does Field have to say about the incident?

“There was no security present and I was for a split second genuinely worried she might have been armed,” said Field, Parliament member for Cities of London and Westminster. “As a result I grasped the intruder firmly in order to remove her from the room as swiftly as possible. I deeply regret this episode and unreservedly apologize to the lady concerned for grabbing her, but in the current climate I felt the need to act decisively to close down the threat to the safety of those present.”

Police were called to the event after the demonstrators refused to vacate the area.”Officers arrived to help with their ejection. Once in the presence of the police, the protesters were co-operative and left the premises,” said a police spokesperson. “No arrests were made.”

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