Sisters wanted in funeral attack in Nashville

Monday afternoon, two sisters were involved in a stabbing at a funeral home. Nobody was critically injured, but the sisters actions have lead to warrants for their arrest.

Angel Chatman, the ex-girlfriend of the deceased, showed up at the funeral home on Monday with her sister, Travonda Chatman. As of now, it’s unknown of whether or not they arrived at the funeral home with malicious intent.

When they arrived, the family members of the deceased told them that they aren’t welcome at the visitation. Escalation ensued after this, and an argument broke out between both the sisters and the family.

It’s reported that during the argument, Angel pulled a knife on the sister of the deceased. She cut her down her back, but thankfully she did not suffer a life-threatening injury.

The family told the police that after this happened, both sisters pulled out guns and began to threaten the rest of the family members. They threatened the deceased’s mother and uncle.

They then left the building and proceeded to get into Angel’s vehicle, an Infiniti SUV. As Angel was backing out and leaving her parking space, she hit a pickup truck that was pulling into the funeral home. Whether it was intentional or not is unknown.

When the driver exited the vehicle, it was revealed to be the deceased’s brother. Whether Angel realized this then or already knew, she then put her vehicle in reverse and pinned the brother between the back of her vehicle and his truck. He sustained injuries to his legs, but thankfully as well they weren’t life-threatening.

The brother and sister of the deceased were both taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to be treated for their injuries.

One surrendered, one yet to be found

While the incident happened around 1pm on Monday afternoon, just later that day Angel surrendered to police. Her charges consist of four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of reckless endangerment and vandalism over $2,500.

She is currently on a required 12-hour domestic violence hold, and her bond is set at $100,000.

While both sisters were involved in the incident, only Angel has turned herself in. Travonda is still out there, but when she is arrested she will most likely face the same charges as well.

The family continue to mourn the death of their deceased, while also contributing as best as they can to the case.

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