Sleep tracking feature expected for the upcoming Apple Watch


A few specifics have been discovered about an intriguing characteristic of the new Apple Watch. The initial report from Bloomberg revealed that Apple has been developing a sleep-tracking element, and 9to5mac now has some of the key details of how it would function.

The new attribute should be supported by the upcoming Apple Watch, which might be revealed at Apple’s event on the 10th of this month. It’s not for certain whether or not current devices will also work with the new feature. 

iPhone and watch designed to operate as a team

There won’t be a need for any additional hardware in order to use the sleep tracker; the Apple Watch around your arm is all you’d require. Once active, the watch will monitor your movement with the accelerometer. The tech giant also intends to utilize the heart-rate sensor, and even the built-in microphone to pick up on the excess noises while you slumber. After waking up, you will be able to evaluate how your sleep went with the Health app on your iPhone, although the Apple Watch itself may also support its own Sleep app.

Many people often use the alarm on their phone to wake up, so Apple is planning on syncing up the alarm with the Apple Watch as well. The alarm on the watch would go off first, with the iPhone being used as a backup. You’d also be able to put the watch on a vibration setting, which could be especially useful for couples who run on different schedules.

Battery life notifications should also be a helpful feature with the Apple Watch, as the next iPhone is expected to support reverse wireless charging. This would allow you to charge your watch simply by placing in on the back of your iPhone. 

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