Sociocritical German Youtuber Neverforgetniki deleted from Youtube: Freedom of speech at risk in Germany?

Sociocritical German Youtuber Neverforgetniki deleted from Youtube: Freedom of speech at risk in Germany?

Update: Meanwhile, YouTube has re-enabled the channel of the patriotic blogger. His lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel posted on his Twitter the following:

Important success against YouTube: The day before yesterday, the channel “neverforgetniki” was illegally deleted because of alleged hate speech. YouTube has now restored the channel before the deadline that was set by us. We are now reviewing claims for damages.

The sociocritical YouTube channel “Neverforgetniki” of 19-year-old political blogger Niklas Lotz from Germany was deleted without notice by Youtube. During the past few months his subscriber count was growing rapidly since he addressed a lot of current issues in Germany, especially revolving around the current migration policy.

In his Youtube videos he talks about reprisals and the pressure he faced at school just because he publicly criticized Merkel’s refugee policy. He was literally told by the teaching staff: “We are colorful here, if you do not like it, you do not belong here.” Due to his critical opinion he was exposed to interrogation methods, as in the former GDR era. He even lost his apprenticeship due to his political opinion. So far, tens of thousands are already following him in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Telegram.

There are thousands of young people in Germany who are like him but feel they cannot voice their concerns without being labeled as Neo-Nazis. Niklas speaks of a mental dictatorship and that only leftist thoughts are allowed in the schools. Anyone who questions this will be repressed and singled out. Niklas calls himself a conservative libertarian and analyses the current political landscape in Germany in a rather objective way and provides sources for each of his claims. He is a ray of hope for those who have not dared to express their opinions so far. He calls for civil courage. Neverforgetniki has what it takes to wake up many people.

I want to make a difference in Germany and break up thought patterns. We finally have to stand up and understand that we are more.

Freedom of speech at risk in Germany?

His latest statement about the climate activist Greta Thunberg probably mobilized many climate fanatics, who demanded the deletion of his channel. Now his channel was deleted without any warning because of alleged “hate speech”.

On his Facebook page “Neverforgetniki” with over 72,000 subscribers, Niklas Lotz writes about the arbitrariness of the deletion:

It seems that freedom of expression in Germany is at stake, if even moderate voices are silenced. I have always only criticized and distanced myself from any kind of extremism and violence. Maybe it’s no coincidence that the last post in my channel was a critical confrontation with Greta Thunberg, the young woman who was recently criticized for wanting to lock out the journalists at an event. I will definitely not be silenced. I will take legal action against this decision from YouTube and have appointed the best lawyer in this area.

Now the committed political blogger wants to proceed with the help of a media lawyer against the deletion of his channel.

EILMELDUNG, bitte so oft wie nur möglich teilen!Mein Kanal Neverforgetniki mit über 72.000 Abonnenten wurde von…

Posted by Neverforgetniki on Tuesday, 20 August 2019

On his lawyers website one can read the following statement:

All contributions on the channel that we know are factual and within the scope of the freedom of expression guaranteed by Art. 5 GG.

Inconvenient voices are silenced

Looking at the facts one can’t help but think that the deletion of “Neverforgetniki” has political reasons. Niklas Lotz has dealt with controversial political issues on his channel and has also expressed open criticism of Germany’s migration policy. Facebook users have complained for quite some time that even posts that are a few years old are deleted. It seems that the blocking or even deletion of critical accounts has become a popular instrument of censorship.

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