Solar farm in Tennessee up and running

Tennessee’s largest solar farm is finally operational, located in Millington. The project was made possible by a public and private partnership. Included in the partnership is the City of Millington, the U.S. Navy, Memphis, Light, Gas & Water, Tennessee Valley Authority, and Silicon Ranch Corporation. The idea was to better support the community and the naval base.

The land that the solar farm was built on used to be an old horse ranch. Now, with more than 400 acres of land and solar panels, the farm is the largest source of solar power in all of Tennessee. Costing around 100 million dollars, the farm took around three years total to build.

Over 300 people were employed during the construction of this solar farm. The 53 megawatt farm is a sustainable way to provide more environmentally friendly energy across the city. At much cheaper rates while also being more friendly to the environment, people will no doubt be choosing this solar energy over what they already use.

This project is rather significant to the state, considering so many people came together to make it possible. Not only that, but it’s the largest solar farm in the state which makes it a pretty big deal.

“Partnerships fuel innovation, and we are proud of the work by community leaders, the U.S. Navy, and Silicon Ranch to expand solar technology in West Tennessee.” said Governor Bill Lee, “We look forward to a continued partnership as we strengthen rural Tennessee, modernize our infrastructure, and prepare for the jobs of the future.”

Going green with the solar farm

This new addition to the city is beneficial for everyone. The solar farm is going to help keep rates from going up even higher, meaning your utility bill will possibly lower over a period of time. On top of this, the farm is expected to renew energy for at least the next twenty years.

“This is about really moving to green energy,” said Jim Balocki, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Navy.

The solar farm is going to really help the city be more environmentally friendly as well. With the rise of global warming in recent years, it’s a great step in the right direction to become more green.

This green power will be beneficial to around 7,500 different households across the city.

The co-founder and CEO of Silicon Ranch, Matt Kisber, said, “This innovative energy project is the result of a truly collaborative effort, and Silicon Ranch thanks our partners at the US Navy, TVA, MLGW, and the MIDB for making this investment possible. We are especially honored to commission the largest solar facility in our home state of Tennessee and to support the mission of both NSA Mid-South and TVA.”

Green energy is a step in the right direction for not only the U.S. but for countries worldwide. Protecting the environment and eliminating harmful things is truly beneficial for the entire population of the world. Hopefully, more cities and states will make a change to greener energy in the near future.

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