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Recently, Spotify has taken more to the podcast market. They acquired Soundtrap – the online music studio – towards the end of 2017, and podcast app, Anchor, in the beginning of this year. Soundtrap has just released their new podcast platform, Soundtrap for Storytellers. The cloud-based system gives users the option to edit their podcasts, work with other users, and transcribe their podcasts. The transcription will only be in English for now. The transcript is simultaneously published with the podcast, helping to improve online recognition.

The service costs $14.99 a month, but there is also a yearly deal that brings the price to just $11.99 a month. Many products offer only one choice of either recording, editing, or publishing, whereas Soundtrap for Storytellers does it all. The possibility of having other podcasters joining in on your project is not a groundbreaking attribute. Many other platforms have this capability as well, such as Clearcast, Ringr, and Zecastr for example. But the editing studio is perhaps its most attractive feature. It allows you to edit your spoken-word audio file in a similar way to a text file. It’s a distinctive option that makes it stand out from other available platforms.

What’s the catch?

Soundtrap is only capable of publishing to Spotify. If you want to distribute your podcast somewhere else, you’ll have to download your podcast and find a different service. Also, Soundtrap isn’t a hosting solution, so when it comes to analytics, you’ll have to find another answer.

The Head of Creator Marketplace for Spotify, Charlie Hellman, said that the Soundtrap team did a great job with the new product. He stated, “Part of Spotify’s mission is to grow the number of creators able to build podcasts worldwide. Soundtrap for Storytellers gives podcast creators incredible editing capabilities, collaboration in real-time, and the ability to publish their podcast to Spotify.”

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