Spicy activities people are getting up to on planes


Long flights can be extremely boring. Most people choose to listen to music or turn their attention to the in-flight movie. According to a recent study conducted by us.jetcost.com, roughly one out of eight Americans prefer getting sexually active in the bathroom.

In the last two years, 12 percent of Americans confessed to engaging in some form of physical satisfaction in the lavatory, and 18 percent said that they’ve had sex. Ironically 18 percent is the same amount of passengers who read books to keep entertained.

Interesting statistics

The survey that reached over 5000 Americans came up with a few other captivating numbers. 14 percent of people admitted to smoking or vaping in the toilet. Out of the 22 percent of individuals who were found by the crew to be doing something illegal, only 15 percent actually ended up getting penalized either by getting banned for life or by receiving a fine. In addition to the criminal statistics, there were some irritating acts that passengers revealed about themselves. 19 percent clapped when the plane completed the landing, 14 percent put their seat back whilst someone behind them was enjoying a meal, and almost 25 percent would take off their socks and shoes. Aside from this, 35 percent said Alabama was the state they’d avoid over all others due to the crime rate.

A Jetcost agent stated, “Being on a flight can become boring at times, especially when on a long-haul flight, however, there are far more appropriate ways to spend your time”. He went on to make a few suggestions, “Download some films on to your phone or tablet before a flight to keep you entertained or bring a good old fashioned book to read. If all else fails, why not talk to your fellow passengers? They may be traveling alone and appreciate the company, helping both of you to pass the time.”


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