Spotify breaks down music and podcasts for premium users


Spotify launches updated library for premium users. Podcasts and music are now divided into 2 separate categories.

After a month of tests and rumors, Spotify will roll out its new library. The intention is that the library becomes clearer for premium users. One of those new functions is the division of music and podcasts.

Until now, podcasts have been in a confusing – unorganized – way in the app. The streaming service is now eliminating this. In the new design you see that podcasts have been added as a new category, alongside music. The new way of navigating would make the user experience of the app a little more pleasant. Now that podcasts have been in the pipeline for some time, the streaming service must of course be included.

New categories

The new podcast tab is divided into three sections: episodes, downloads and shows. Under the episodes category, all new episodes from the podcasts that you follow will be shown. From there you can also resume partially listened to podcasts. Under the download tab you will find all your downloaded podcasts, including those that are offline. Finally, under shows you will find new episodes or recommendations from podcasts that you can follow and listen to.

Under the new Music tab are playlists, artists and albums, as we know it. One of the bigger changes is that your ‘liked songs’ are now also in 1 list. This way you can listen to your favorite songs in one tap.

Busy month for Spotify

The streaming service is launching a lot of news this month. Earlier this month it announced a collaboration with the Obama’s to make podcasts. Yesterday the company announced that it would launch ‘Your Daily Drive’. The ideal playlist with a mix of music and news, unfortunately this new feature is currently only available in the US.

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