Study shows that travel ideas come more from movies and TV than social media


Recent data reveals that social media has decreased in its ability to influence certain demographics when it comes to inspiring holiday destination. A survey was conducted on 2,000 United Kingdom citizens by creative and media agency, eight&four, which works with a large variety of travel and leisure groups.

The divide of the generations

Just 7 percent of vacationers said that their primary inspiration for holiday ideas came from social media, while 25 percent of British travellers say that their ideas come from movies and television, a figure that rises to 31 percent for millennials, and 29 percent for Generation Z.

Although these social media figures aren’t great, 20 percent of millennials are swayed by social media influencers such as Instagram and Snapchat, although again, only 7 percent of Generation Z were affected by these social media sources.

The figures are similar when it comes to social media advertising as well. 23 percent of millennials and just 9 percent of Genneration Z are guided by social media advertising.

Head of marketing at eight&four, Caroline Brosnan, said, “Netflix and other streaming sites present a wealth of programming content that showcases desirable locations. Consumers of all ages are tuning in and feeling inspired to travel to these places. It suggests travel brands should consider more innovative ways of using TV shows to reach mass audiences, whether that’s through product placement or editorial.”

Global head of marketing at Topdeck Travel adds, Anna Fawcett, says, “The clear divide on attitudes to social media shows the cyclical nature of generations. It also shows the decline in the social influencer space, despite our continuing addiction to digital media. It ebbs and flows, so just as TV gave way to streaming, social media will give way to something else.”

The data also displayed a rise in physical media and “real people” influences. 29 percent of Generation Z are persuaded by friends and family when deciding on vacation spots, 20 percent look to physical brochures, and 27 percent feel that face-to-face travel agents are more reliable.

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