Suspect arrested after car theft and police chase

A man from Rhea County is currently up against multiple charges for stealing cars Saturday afternoon. One of the cars that he stole was driven right into the Tennessee river by himself. Prior to this, he led the police after him on a chase.

The name of the man is Kendall O’Neil Speegle. He was arrested on Saturday and charged with numerous counts of aggravated burglary, theft over $10,000, felony evading arrest, felony reckless endangerment and several others.

Details of the crime

The deputies in Rhea County received a call around noon on Saturday regarding suspicious activity. The call also stated that there was a possible burglary in progress on Bob Long Road. Police responded immediately to this call.

When the deputies arrived on the scene, they saw a white Chevrolet pickup truck plow through a garage door that was closed. The suspect fled the scene while the owners of the home were on their back porch. The vehicle that the suspect stole belonged to the homeowners. He then led police on a chase, entering both Meigs and Hamilton County.

Speegle then turned onto a number of side roads before he eventually pulled behind another home on Blythes Ferry Lane. The owners of the home reported that they witnessed Speegle run into a woodline nearby, with what appeared to be a long rifle in his hands.

Deputies attemyped to set up a perimeter around the suspected location, awaiting for the K-9 unit to show up to track the suspect.

The perimeter set up was unsuccessful though, and Speegle fled to another residence where he kicked the door down and tried to steal another car. He wasn’t successful though, and eventually stole another owners car, specifically a blue Jeep.

After stealing the Jeep, he left the vehicle sitting in the middle of the road and continued on foot. He made his way to Knimbrough Lane where he stole another blue truck. During the chase, he eventually lost control of the vehicle and crashed on Elder Hollow Road.

The suspect then tried to steal an ATV, threatening the owner at gunpoint. He was unsuccessful with this attempt, but he then went on to steal a Chevy Cruze shortly later. Speegle side swiped a truck while recklessly driving and caused minor damage. This is the car that he then drove into the Tennessee River.

Currently, the Rhea County Marine Patrol and the Hamilton County Dive Team are searching the waters for the missing vehicle.

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