Suspect wanted in stabbing of Tennessee couple

A man from Kent, Connecticut is believed to be the suspect in the stabbing and attempted murder of a Nashville couple on Friday. Police are still currently searching for the man.

Peter Alexander Bohning, 34, is believed to be responsible for the stabbing of an older couple this past Friday. Metropolitan Nashville Police have issued his arrest as of Saturday, charging him with the stabbing of both Donald Zirkle, 59, and his wife, Leigh Ann Zirkle, 58.

Leigh Ann Zirkle told the detectives that she and her husband were sitting on their back porch, minding their own business, when a stranger came up asking for directions. He then attacked the couple with a sharp weapon.

Her description of the man is believed to be Bohning. She said that he was a white man, believed to be in his twenties or thirties, having long blond hair and dressed in a dirty yellow shirt.

Zirkle also said that she managed to run into their home, where she then ran out the front door and into the streets. Responders found her collapsed in the middle of the road where she had run to.

Police found her husband, Donald, still behind the house at the back porch. He was suffering from critical wounds, and later died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he was being treated.

Leigh Ann is currently being treated for her wounds at a hospital in Nashville. She’s currently suffering from significant stab wounds, including one to her neck.

On the run

Investigators found a silver Subaru sedan “inexplicably parked” on the street with Connecticut license plates. Police have investigated further and found that the car does in fact belong to Bohning.

Authorities in Connecticut contacted Bohning’s family regarding the situation. They stated that they had not heard from him in several days.

While Bohning’s car was left behind, police believe that he may have fled from the scene in the victims car, a 2010 Toyota Camry. Their car is currently missing, the license plates reading NP4-937.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Bohning or the couple’s 2010 Toyota Camry, they are urged to call the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. They can be reached at 615-862-8600. Anyone with information is also asked to contact their local police department as well.

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