Sustainability Strategy steers airports to a more environmentally conscious mentality


ACI Europe launched the first in-depth Sustainability Strategy for the airport industry at the recent ACI Europe Annual Congress held in Cyprus. With society requiring more well-rounded business models and corporate culture, sustainability is an idea that has evolved past a strictly environmental aspect to encompass a more extensive social and economic element as well.

Airports are a primary interface between many aviation and non-aviation stakeholders, offering crucial connection services to their communities. They’re also representatives of aviation on the ground and frequently tackle externalities of aviation. This creates the chance for them to be shining examples and promote revolutionary change beyond their own scope.

An evolved vision for the future

“Times have changed. Economic disruption, rising inequality, depleted resources, new societal values, and political dynamics mean that airport operators are facing a new imperative: putting their societal purpose at the heart of their business strategy. This is about embracing a new Business-to-People paradigm. This comes with the need for airports to maximize the added value they provide to society, including through enhanced engagement with their communities and other stakeholders,” says Director General of ACI Europe, Olivier Jankovec. “This strategy is about scoping what sustainability means and involves for airports, identifying pathways for progress as well as defining metrics and enablers. In doing so, ACI Europe is providing airports with concrete guidance on how to move towards more sustainable operations. Our ambition is for this strategy to drive positive change over time and we look forward to seeing how it is interpreted and implemented in the years to come.”

The ACI Europe Sustainability Strategy is founded on the collaborative innovation of the future’s sustainable airport: “Every airport builds local and global partnerships to accelerate the journey towards fair, prosperous, and environmentally responsible societies”. It also speaks to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Reporting Initiative.

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