TapHeaven and Target Circle merger


Target Circle (headquartered in Oslo, Norway) and TapHeaven (headquartered in San Francisco, California) will soon be joining together as one company under the Target Circle name. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of TapHeaven, Chris Hoyt, will become the Chief Growth Officer at the newly integrated firm. Both companies have been attempting to crack similar issues such as removing flaws and drawbacks in the mobile advertising industry.

Tackling the problems ahead

For Target Circle, this would require the unification of a “fragmented exosystem into a singe dashboard for contracts, invoices, and offers” according to Hoyt. For TapHeaven, it would mean greater concentration on automation to produce what the firm is calling a “command center” for obtaining users. This would enable advertisers to improve their ad campaigns “at the source level, by country” whilst increasing user traffic and avoiding fraud.

Where it began

The companies first encountered one another when they were both talking with the same mobile studio in regards to the support of launching a new game. This was when it became apparent that they were on similar paths. Hoyt said, “[We] both had the same vision for our businesses; the same future with a unified dashboard wrapped in automation and machine learning to simplify and help the ecosystem perform for these advertisers.”

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Target Circle, Heiko Hildebrandt, will maintain his position for the united firms. Hildebrandt announced that TapHeaven would enable Target Circle to “strengthen and expand its technology in the automation of advertising and fraud prevention and resolution.”

Hoyt said, “What impact this is going to have on the market is really lifting up the rest of the ecosystem”. He further stated, “With the serious things that are going on with these companies, advertisers are desperate for the answers to [the question:] where can they spend their money and diversify their portfolio?”

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