Taylor Swift pushes for equality in letter to Tennessee Senator

Taylor Swift has taken a stand and written her own letter to Republican senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee June 1st. She posted her letter on her Instagram, showing that she’s asking for his support to help pass the Equality Act.

The letter began with Swift speaking out on how glad she is with Alexander’s recent actions. He had co-sponsored the resolution to honor the ratification of the amendment that restricted women from voting.

Swift then wrote in the letter that the refusal of the new legislature would continue to scare off major companies and lessen job opportunities in the state. She warned that the anti-LGBTQ “Slate of Hate” would only negatively affect the state, not improve it in any way.

“The refusal in our own state’s Legislature to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination has the serious potential to cripple us from bringing new jobs to Tennessee.” she wrote in her letter. “Amazon alone is 5,000 potential Tennessee jobs put at risk.”

She then goes on to name the numerous companies that have that have signed on to letters opposing the “Slate of Hate”. Swift named the large companies, including Nike, Hilton, Lyft, and more.

“I personally reject the President’s stance that his administration ‘supports equal treatment of all’ but that the Equality Act ‘in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights.’ No,” she then went on to say.

Swift further spoke about the subject in her Instagram comments, saying that it’s been “excellent news that the House has passed the Equality Act, which would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in their places of work, homes, schools, and other public accommodations.”

“While there’s no information yet as to when the Equality Act will go before the Senate for a vote, we do know this: Politicians need votes to stay in office. Votes from from the people. Pressure from massive amounts of people is a major way to push politicians towards positive change.” she also goes on to say in her Instagram caption.

Swift pushing for equality

The twenty nine year old even created her own change.org petition to urge the senate to support the Equality Act. She even created her own hashtag, #lettertomysenator, which gained a lot of attention from her fans and others around the world.

Swift’s petition even has over 150,000 signatures already from fans and others.

The singers letter and attempts to bring attention to the Equality Act come on June 1st, the official start of pride month. She’s become more politically active in recent years, urging her older fans to do the same as well and become involved in their own country’s politics.

Alexander hasn’t given a response to Swift’s letter yet, but she and her supporters stay hopeful that a change will be made.

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