Teacher arrested after abusing student

A teacher in Tennessee has been arrested following her abuse to a child which was caught on camera last week. The video footage shows her dragging the child down by their ankles down a hallway and into her classroom.

Trousdale County Elementary School faced an issue like no other last week. Carla Haynes, one of their teachers, was arrested and brought into custody. A student resource officer was the one to catch her in the act via the school’s security cameras. What they saw was like nothing they had ever seen.

The camera’s showed Haynes walking out into the hallway, grabbing a child by their ankles, and then dragging them back into her classroom.

The student resource officer immediately reported this to one of their superiors.

The child in the video was a mere four year old student. Haynes carried the student around the corner of her classroom, pushed the little girl on her back, and then proceeded to drag her about fifteen feet down the hallway.

After viewing the tapes that the school’s surveillance system had recorded, Haynes was suspended immediately.

Clint Satterfield, the Trousdale County Director of Schools, commented on the incident.

“We apologize that this has happened, and this is not who we are as a school system,” Satterfield said.

Haynes had been teaching at the school for just over eight years. She was a Pre-K teaches at the time, but had also taught third and fifth grade, as stated on the school’s website.

Haynes had been charged with child abuse, and she has since bonded out of the Trousdale County Detention Center.

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