Teen passes in Nashville, family hopes for a change

charlie easley

On April 9, a 19 year old identified as Charles Easley was shot and killed in what was believed to be a targeted shooting.

Around 9 p.m. officers were called to the scene after reports of shots being fired. They discovered Easley with multiple gunshot wounds and he was taken to Skyline Medical Center. He sadly and unfortunately passed on the way to the hospital.

The suspects have yet to be found, but witnesses reported seeing two people flee the scene quickly and then proceed to enter a white car and drive off.

The family of the teen that was murdered blames his death on gang violence, especially since the killers are still yet to be found.

Charles, also known as Charlie, had quite a rough life that was filled with ups and downs. He used to be a rather talented basketball player when he was younger.

Eventually, he met with trouble and he experienced a few downs in his life. Run ins with the law and multiple arrests only contributed more to this.

“He was a dear sweet child,” commented Charlie’s grandmother, Lisa Smith. “When he got to be about 16 years old there was a change in him, I tried to get him help.”

“I miss him to death,” said Johnnita Easley, Charlie’s mother. “They didn’t have to do what they did to him. But I knew it was coming, they’ve been after him for so long.”

Gangs have been in the city of Nashville for years, in fact there has been a report of over 2,000 people in Davidson County being affiliated with gangs. Police have been in a constant battle trying to control and get a handle on these gangs and their members.

Police’s investigation on Charlie’s case have been ongoing, but no motive has been found regarding the murder. Detective are now looking into the possibility that it is in fact a result of gang violence.

“These young teens, they’re turning on each other,” said Johnnita, expressing her concerns regarding gang violence. “These gangs, it’s all about gangs. It’s not right.”

“The Charlie I knew was on a journey of life,” said Mariyo Deon, someone who spent nine years with Charlie as his mentor. “Hate that it had to come to an end. Was praying that I would know him my whole life.”

Mentor’s like Mariyo hope the community will step in and help make a difference. A lot of gang violence happens to be in small communities, so it takes these communities coming together to help eliminate it.

The family of the victim hope that his story will send a message to all, whether an individual apart of a gang or not. They hope that his passing will bring a light to the violence surrounding gangs in Nashville.

“Reach out to your local schools, talk about some after-school programming,” Charlie’s mentor, Mariyo said. “We need more love, and arms around our youth.”

“Please don’t put your families through this,” said Lisa. “Your sisters, your brothers, your mom, dad, whoever is close to you that you love.”

If you have any information regarding the suspects that fled the scene after the murder, please call East Precinct detectives at 615-862-7525 or Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.

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