Tennessee man hits $2M lottery

Timothy Seratt from Dyersburg, Tennessee has just won the $2 million dollars playing a lottery scratch ticket. A once in a lifetime opportunity for a man who’s never had much to his name.

Seratt has lived his entire life paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet each month. He works hard, and now his hard work has finally all paid off.

The father of two bought himself a Mega Millionaire Jumbo Bucks scratch ticket, and to his surprise he won a great deal of money – two million dollars to be exact. Serrat has never flown on a plane, or even been anywhere north of Kentucky.

Now, he’s a millionaire with all the possibilities in the world available to him.

After taxes, Seratt is taking home a total of around $1.3 million dollars. He’s still greatly happy with the amount of money and hasn’t made any complaints.

“It’s still crazy,” he said, still in disbelief of winning the money. “Well, I mean I’ve never owned a house. So, I mean that’s the first thing.”

Even though Seratt himself has never owned a home, the 32 year old plans to pay off his mother’s house first. After that, he has plans to take both of his children to Disney World, something that wouldn’t have been possible just days before.

“That would just freak them out,” he says about taking them on vacation. Winning the lottery has truly been a new experience for Seratt.

After his mother’s house and Disney World, what are his next plans?

“I’d like to invest and keep going and not just blow through it,” he says. The 32 year old plans to continue working as usual and save up the money as best as he can.

The winning ticket

Seratt purchased his winning ticket at Tiger Market Number Two. The store owner himself is even proud of the win, considering he’s sold many other winning tickets as well.

“People are thinking this store is lucky,” said the owner of the market, Sonny Patel.

Paying only $25 for the scratch ticket, Seratt came up lucky as he scratched the ticket in his car after buying it.

“A girl walked up to the window that I know who stopped to tell me, ‘What are you doing?’ And I looked, and I looked at her and I said, ‘I just won $2 million,’ and she said, ‘You’re full of s***’ and I said, ‘No I ain’t.'”

Serrat couldn’t believe he won, and he still can’t believe it. He’s had a rather rough life, spending seven years in prison for burglary before getting out in 2013. He says his life completely turned around just before his children were born.

“Everybody has rough patches in their life, I’ve worked the entire time that I’ve been out.”

Seratt’s first purchase that he made with his winnings was a 1987 Chevrolet truck.

With some of his winnings he also wants to fly out to Los Angeles to watch his favorite team, the Dodgers play.

Despite the money, Serrat says he’s going to stay true to himself and not change.

“I might have a lot of money but I’m still a redneck,” he said. “I’ve always been a redneck. That ain’t never going to change.”

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