Tennessee named the sixth rainiest state

If you live in Tennessee and feel like you’re always in the rain, there’s a reason for it. Tennessee has just been named the sixth rainiest state in the country.

A recent analysis of the monthly and annual rainfall in each state has shown that Tennessee receives quite a bit more rain than most of the other states. Annually, Tennessee receives an average of 51.6 inches of rain all together. Monthly, the rainy state sees around 4.1 inches statewide.

A big contributor to the massive amounts of rainfall are the mountainous regions of Tennessee. The fact that the state is in the southeast regions of the country also gives them much more rainfall than other states, according to the National Weather Services meteorologist, Jeremy Buckles.

“We’re definitely in that subtropical climate here in the southeastern United States, so we’re definitely on the rainy side.” said Buckles.

In fact, three of the other top five rainiest states are also in the southeastern region as well. Even the states below Tennessee on the list happen to all be on the southeastern side of the country. The Carolinas and Georgia fall behind Tennessee in their own respective spots, and Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida beat Tennessee with a few more inches of annual rain. The list is topped by Hawaii, which receives 57.2 inches of rainfall annually.

The most rained out places and times

Many parts of the Appalachian mountains in Tennessee are actually considered to be a temperature rainforest, meaning that they tend to see a lot more rain in those areas. Clingmans Dome is even considered to be a coniferous rainforest, according to the National Park Service. This basically means that the forest comprises mostly of evergreen trees that have long winters due to the high amounts of rain.

The rainiest parts in the area tends to be Mt. Le Conte and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The reason why they’re typically the rainiest is because of they elevation, said Buckles. Mt. Le Conte has a whopping annual precipitation of 73.49 inches.

“That’s one of our wettest sites, being at its elevation.” said Buckles.

When does it happen to be the rainiest time of the year though? The analysis shows that East Tennessee receives the most amount of rain in July. Knoxville averages out at 5.08 inches of rain in July, while Mt. Le Conte sees a maximum of 7.3 inches of rain in June.

“It does vary a lot based on elevation,” said Buckles.

While Tennessee is the sixth rainiest state, the least rainiest state happens to be Nevada. The Mojave Desert is one of the driest places in all of the U.S., coming in with an average of 10.3 inches of rain annually, and only 0.7 inches of rainfall per month.

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