Tennessee residents know nothing more of man with measles

The person who contracted measles in East Tennessee earlier this week has still not been identified by officials. Health officials say they’re not going to be releasing any more information on the patient than they already have. This includes their exact location or where they had travelled to recently.

Currently, the Department of Health is tracking down people who have come in contact with the infected person. They’re providing them with guidance, helping them through taking the next steps after this.

Though not much information is known about the person with measles in Tennessee, we do have some information regarding the situation.

On Friday, Mississippi’s Department of Health held a press conference. Here, they announced that a man from Tennessee who has measles had travelled to the state recently and possibly infected others as well.

Mississippi’s Department of Health also mentioned that the man from Tennessee is unvaccinated.

Tennessee’s Department of Health held a press conference as well, but they only stated that there is a man in East Tennessee who has the virus.

The public’s reaction

Numerous people are angry about the fact that Mississippi has more information about the Tennessee man rather than people actually in Tennessee.

Dawn Sherman, a user on Facebook, asked, “How is it that the people of Mississippi can get much needed information about where and who may have been exposed but the entire East Tennessee population is left in the dark as they will not release where in East Tennessee people may have been exposed. Sad, sad Tennessee officials, always behind in the release of important information concerning public safety.”

Most comments seem to be related to the above one, people wanting to know where this man is located. People want to know if they or anyone they know has come into contact with this man

Another commenter, Hilary Henry, said, “They need to at least let people know if they could have possibly been exposed by letting us know where all he had been.”

Another outraged person named Lee Watts commented, “Where in TN is the measles? I need to protect my infant.”

Health officials response

When reached out to about the situation, the Tennessee health officials released a statement of their own.

We are conducting a standard contact investigation and, as part of this effort, have identified people who may have been exposed to the patient in Tennessee, and we are contacting these individuals to provide guidance. We are not providing any additional information to prevent identification of the individual. All Tennesseans are urged to ensure they are up-to date on MMR vaccine. Anyone who believes they or a loved one has measles symptoms should call first before going to a health care facility to keep others from being exposed.

People are wanting to know the whereabouts of this man and where he has been. All people want to do is protect themselves and loved ones from contracting measles.

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