Tennessee spikes bill that allowed LGBT adoption refusals

A bill to put restrictions on LGBT adoption had been in the works for quite a while now. As of Tuesday, this bill has now been refused.

The bill basically stated that adoption agencies would be able to deny LGBT parents looking to adopt based on religious beliefs. This would’ve allowed for rejection based on nothing but a person’s faith and their views.

At the very last minute, after the bill was set to be sent to the Senate, the proposal for the bill was cancelled. The sponsor requested for the bill to be spoken about at the next legislative session rather than this one. This basically killed off the possibility of this bill getting passed for this year. There was no debate or explanation as to why the bill was withdrawn.

People who supported this bill said that it was meant to protect the rights of adoption agencies who wanted to deny applicants based on religious beliefs. They stated that it was to protect against potential lawsuits.

While there was people who did support this bill, the majority of people were extremely against the approval of this bill. People opposing the bill stated that this bill is only discriminating against the LGBT community and nothing more.

Among the thousands of day to day people who disagreed with this bill, there was many big companies and even celebrities who spoke out against the state of Tennessee.

The opposed

Many people and companies were upset about this bill and didn’t hesitate to speak out against it. Among the people who apposed were huge names like Amazon, the Tennessee Titans, and even Taylor Swift.

Swift donated $113,000 to the Tennessee Equality Project, a project which is meant to fight bills that are discriminatory against the LGBT community. She even wrote a handwritten letter that explained the donation, praising religious leaders who stood up against anti-LGBT acts, stating that they were, “standing up against the ‘Slate of Hate’ in our state legislature.”

The list of major companies that opposed this bill continued to grow, and that’s most likely what stopped the bill’s progress in its tracks. As more and more companies spoke out, including the Tennessee Titans, it’s no wonder that the bill didn’t get put through.

The Tennessee Titans stated that the bill would possibly put the state at risk of hosting another NFL Draft if the bill was passed. Nashville hosted the NFL Draft this year and it was incredibly successful, so ruling out the possibility of hosting again would’ve been rather bad for the state.

The bill had definitely caused a bit of an uproar amongst Tennesseeans and huge companies that operate inside of the state, so it’s pretty reasonable that they decided to cancel it. Risking the loss of business was too much for the state, so it’s best that they aren’t putting the bill through.

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