Tesla’s new automated emergency braking system


Tesla Inc., the American automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto, California, launched its automated emergency braking system in 2017 for all of their vehicles that are run by their Autopilot technology, which is also an option for vehicle owners who haven’t bought the Autopilot cruise-assist upgrade.

The company specializes in electric cars manufacturing and, through its SolarCity subsidiary, solar panel manufacturing. It runs multiple production and assembly plants, such as Gigafactory near Reno, Nevada, and its main vehicle manufacturing facility at Tesla Factory in Fremont, California.

The multi-billion dollar company is now revealing a few of the more high end attributes approaching in the next generation automated emergency braking update.

What’s new?

The update features will include automatic activation of the brakes on a vehicle when the Autopilot system recognizes that a pedestrian is moving across the car’s path. The system will also detect cyclists in the same manner. These types of qualities certainly aren’t new. Some variation of them have actually been around since the start of Volvo’s automated braking system around 10 years ago. Safety groups and regulators such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have been assessing and promoting these kinds of systems for several years.

With that being said, not every automated emergency braking and driver-assist component is made the same. Theoretically, the designs of these new systems based around vehicles carrying improved sensors and on-board computations are meant to be more efficient at ceasing potential collisions. Tesla has declared some strong ideas around the abilities of their system, particularly when combined with their in-house artificial intelligence processor technology, which will act as the brain on their upcoming automated driving technology in their vehicles. The application of these upgrades can be seen on some their latest Twitter posts.

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