The Aristocats in real life: Duchess stray cat world famous thanks to kittens

The Aristocats in real life Duchess stray cat world famous thanks to kittens

It seems almost too coincidental: Shelby Sewell-Lopez from Texas adopted a cat named Duchess in 2018, named after the famous white cat from the Disney movie “The Aristocats.” Duchess has recently become world famous thanks to her kittens. They are white, black and red, just like the characters from the film.

Berliot, Marie and Toulouse, that’s what Shelby called the kittens of Duchess. The same names as the kittens from the film. Shelby claims high and low that she had already given her white cat her name before delivery. “Duchess was a stray cat, and therefore very weak. I took her home and she quickly recovered,” Shelby explains. ,”A few months later I could not find her anymore. Until I suddenly heard meowing in the cupboard. There she was: with three kittens. A white, a red and a black. I could hardly believe it: just like in the film! ”

She provides evidence via Facebook, where she herself laughs the loudest with the coincidence. Meanwhile, the kittens are one year old and have grown a lot. On the occasion of the first birthday of the kittens, she put on colorful bows to make them look more like the Aristocats. “Even their gender matches Disney. Marie is a girl, Berliot and Toulouse are males.”

Only this year will the story of the cats be picked up on social media and international media. “Wow, we’re going viral,” Shelby said on her Facebook page. “And all thanks to Duchess.”

Trying to get in some practice in front of a camera for an Aristocat themed 1st birthday shoot. They’re not impressed!…

Posted by Duchess and Kittens on Monday, 24 June 2019

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Posted by Duchess and Kittens on Sunday, 23 June 2019


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