The Chinese city of Shenzhen now has a real Miffy subway

miffy subway shenzen

That the Chinese are crazy about Miffy is not news. Mi fei, as the famous cartoon rabbit from Utrecht (Netherlands) is called in China, is even so popular that recently a special Miffy subway runs in the city of Shenzhen.

The Chinese regularly stare fascinated at the Miffy traffic light on Lange Viestraat in Utrecht or they try to take a selfie with themselves and the Miffy traffic light. But now they don’t have to travel the world to enjoy the world’s most famous rabbit. Now it’s also possible in their own country in the cheerful subway, which is all about Miffy.

The inside of the subway is completely decorated with pictures of the rabbit created by Dick Bruna. The brown dog Snuffie is also depicted in it and even the well-known flowers with white leaves and yellow hearts can be found.

Unfortunately for the people of Shenzhen, this special subway runs only temporarily. The Chinese will therefore have to come to Utrecht again to really get to know Miffy.

nijntje official on Twitter

In Shenzhen in #China rijdt tijdelijk deze vrolijke #nijntje metro! 😎


In 2015, a Miffy subway was already running in Guangzhou, China:

China Plus News on Twitter

A “Miffy” Train Ride in Guangzhou Subway #Miffy #Subway


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