The man who lost his wife and child in an terror attack in Nice has now died of grief

After three years of mourning the loss of wife and son in the terrorist attack in Nice, Tahar Mejri (42) has also passed away. The grieving husband and father died last Wednesday, French media report. The terror attack has thus claimed another 87th victim.

Little Kylan (4) died on July 14, 2016, just like his mother Olfa (31), when a terrorist with a truck didn’t fear anyone on the Promenade des Anglais. Tahar Mejri saw his wife die before his eyes. He could not immediately find his son in the chaos and was ‘missing’ for two days, but then he also got to know his sad fate. His family was murdered.

The next day the untold sadness was engraved on Mejri’s face. He embodied the pain that all the relatives of the 86 victims felt.

“At our first appointment, I met a very slim man with red eyes. It was mid-July and he was very cold,” says his lawyer Cathy Guittard after the death of a man who had become more than an ordinary client.

tahar mejri
Facebook @ Mémorial des Anges Tahar Mejri with wife Olfa and their son Kylan


The months and years passed but the health condition of Mejri did not improve. On the contrary. He had meanwhile got to know a new love, Rachel, but the untold sorrow remained. “We realized that despite heavy treatment with antidepressants, he had activated a self-destruct mechanism in himself,” said Guittard, who thereby evokes the image of a reed that is increasingly bent.

“His loved ones were brutally taken away from him and he no longer had resilience. Medical treatment was not enough”, says Anne Murris of the organization ‘Mémorial des Anges’ that unites the relatives of the victims. The Parisian woman lost her daughter Camille on the Promenade des Anglais and knows only too well what this does to a person. She was the first to report the death of Tahar Mejri on Facebook who “had died of grief”.

“For us, this suffering and the loss will last a lifetime. We are victims too, but the judiciary is still not sufficiently aware of this.”

According to Murris, the grieving father “had been sleeping for a long time on the Promenade des Anglais, where his loved ones died.” “He was one of the first to join our organization. He wanted memorials to be organized, but he still didn’t have the physical and mental strength to participate in it himself. ”

Dull look

Faith also brought no relief to the man of Tunisian descent. “He told me he prayed for Kylan and Camille,” Murris recalls. In February she saw him for the last time: “He had a dull look in his eyes.”

“Tahar Mejri is the 87th victim of the Nice attack,” concludes Murris, who also wants the man to be recognized as such.

The man will be buried in Tunisia alongside his loved ones. An investigation has been opened to determine the exact cause of death. But for those who know him, there is no doubt: Tahar Mejri died of grief.


Last week it was also announced that the attacks in Paris – two years after the horrific facts – have claimed another victim. A man who escaped the Bataclan massacre was admitted to a psychiatric institution with a serious post-traumatic stress disorder, where he ended his life two years after the attacks. Justice recognizes that the 31-year-old man belongs to the victims. The number of victims of the attacks on 13 November 2015 is therefore 131.

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