The most expensive haystack ever: Monet painting sold for $110.7 million

les meules monet

It’s the highest amount ever paid for a Monet painting: At a Sotheby’s auction, the painting named “Les Meules” showing a haystack in the sun was auctioned for $ 110.7 million.

More than 110 million dollars. The international art market is richer by another memorable record. And the heirs of the former owner of the image of Claude Monet as well.

Eight bidders fought over the famous painting in New York at the auction house Sotheby’s. Impressionist Claude Monet painted numerous pictures of haystacks (25, to be exact) but “Les Meules” is the most famous one.

New record for Monet picture

In addition, it is only one of eight in this series, which was still privately owned. In 1891, the wife of a wealthy businessman from Chicago had bought the painting of the artist, who died in 1926, a year earlier and since then has owned it – until now.

The auction price achieved is a record in two ways. Never before had a painting of Claude Monet brought in so much money, never before had bidders bid more than $ 100 million for the work of an impressionist.

Originally estimated at 55 million dollars

In any case, the enormous price for the picture caused a stir in the evening in New York. The auction house had originally estimated the value of the Monet painting at around $ 55 million. The fierce bidding contest eventually doubled the price.

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