The mysterious case of Ivana Smit: How are things going?

ivana smit murder

Ivana Smit’s family still holds Alex and Luna Johnson responsible for the death of their daughter.

The Johnsons deny any involvement, they said last Saturday (we reported).

Both parties screen with legal proceedings.

What now?

The first step is the appeal against the ruling of the judge in Kuala Lumpur in the case of Ivana Smit.

That appeal may already be next month.

Her family hopes that this time they will follow up on the suspicion that the model had already died before she went over the balcony edge.

Last summer, a four-month long-lasting lawsuit was filed to determine the cause of death of the 18-year-old model.

According to the family, the examining magistrate made a mistake in its judgment in March.

The judge acknowledges that “theoretically” Ivana may have died before she fell over the edge of the balcony, but has no consequences because she has insufficient information about what exactly happened in the last hours of Ivana.

Her death was an accident and no one was guilty of it, was the judge’s verdict.

And so no reason to order a criminal investigation.


According to the Smit family, there are sufficient indications that Ivana died in Alex and Luna Johnson’s apartment and was then thrown over the balcony edge.

She had so many drugs in her blood that she may not have died from the fall but from an overdose.

The young model was also found in a striking position after her fall from the 20th floor, as if she were sleeping with her arms bent over her chest.

Moreover, there was hardly any blood after the fall from a great height.

According to the Smits, a sign that body stiffness had already entered and Ivana died before she went over the edge.

Alex and Luna Johnson would have thrown the body over the balcony edge, is the accusation of the Smits, so that her death seemed like an accident.

Audio tapes

In the courthouse in Kuala Lumpur, all audio tapes from the witness statements are now written word for word.

This is a very time-consuming task because the statements of the Malaysian witnesses were translated into English by an interpreter so that the Smit family could also follow it.

Of the 22 witness statements, six have yet to be written out.

After that the higher courts will study everything.

Malaysian lawyer Nair, who assists the Smit family, has unofficially heard that the appeal will be heard on 16 July.

Whether that period is met is far from certain.

The session was initially scheduled for May 27.

And last year’s lawsuit also lasted four months instead of the two weeks planned.

The ruling also took three months to elapse after the last session.

Civil case

The Smit family, convinced of the Johnsons’ fault, are also trying to start a civil case in the United States against the Johnsons.

Alex and Luna Johnson would in any case be responsible for what happened in the apartment.

According to Alex Johnson, such a case has as much chance as a snowball in hell.

He and his wife discussed the allegations extensively last Saturday for the first time in a year and a half.

They also deny having anything to do with the death of the young fashion model and they do not feel responsible in any way.

The Johnson couple are more than fed up with the allegations that Ivana died because of them.

They strike back with legal proceedings and are prepared to make a declaration against anyone who soils their name.

Their lives had been destroyed for a long time by the allegations, they argue.

“And now we want to rebuild our lives.”

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