The U.K is highly popular with Chinese travellers


More Chinese tourists can be expected in the United Kingdom next week. China National Day and the Golden Week are major travel periods for residents of China, and the U.K has become a more popular destination than ever before.

According to data from ForwardKeys, “the reference for global tourism and travel trends and intelligence”, flights from China to the U.K between now and November has risen by 23 percent in comparison with figures from 2018. Further stats indicate that there were record amounts of Chinese visits to the U.K in this year’s first quarter.

Patricia Yates, Director of tourism site, VisitBritain, says, “China is the world’s most valuable outbound market and a huge tourism opportunity for the U.K. We want to be top of the list as a must-go-now destination for Chinese travellers and to give them a world-class visitor experience. We are working with partners in market including Ctrip and British Airways to convert the aspiration to visit the U.K into actual bookings and making it easier to get here, boosting route development and airline seat capacity. Increasing the services that visitors experience is also important to our message of welcome with more businesses making themselves ‘China Ready’. Whether that is promoting the benefits of implementing Chinese mobile payment capabilities to retailers, hotels and attractions providing information in Cantonese or Mandarin, or businesses and tour operators adapting their products for the Chinese market. With our shops, visitor attractions, and accommodation offering great value for Chinese travellers, it is a great time to book a trip to Britain right now.”

Chinese tourism good for U.K business

Chinese tourists typically spent close to £1,700 with each visit last year, nearly 200 percent higher than the all market average. The duration of Chinese visitors was also more than 100 percent higher than the all market average – 16 nights opposed to just 7.

With all the store hunting, eating out, and visits to the museums and galleries, Chinese tourists bring in substantial business to the U.K. In the British tourism industry, approximately one job is created with every 22 visits from China.

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