The youngest airline fleets on the planet according to ch-aviation


Ch-aviation, a company that gathers and publishes data regarding the airline business, recently disclosed the names of the youngest airline fleets (based on average aircraft age) in the world.

A number of the youngest fleets belong to Asia, but Norwegian Air Sweden sits at the top of the list as a commercial carrier with youngest airline fleet globally. Out of the large airlines (possessing 50 or more aircraft), VietJetAir has the youngest fleet, and out of the very large airlines (100 or more aircraft), Aeroflot takes first place for the youngest airline fleet worldwide.

The average age of an aircraft traversing the planet is about 12 years old, according to ch-aviation’s assessment of over 30,000 commercial aircraft that are currently active, including both passenger and cargo aircraft.

“Our data clearly shows that Asian airlines continue to see tremendous growth, especially the low-cost carriers. This coupled with good access to capital for new aircraft leads to the youngest fleets being in this part of the world,” said Thomas Jaeger, ch-aviation’s Chief Executive Officer.

The youngest fleet in the world, Norwegian Air Sweden, runs a tiny fleet of just five aircraft, which have an average age of just nine months. The youngest fleet in 2017 was Norwegian UK, which came third this year as it made way for the Swedish subsidiary of Norwegian, as well as Wizz Air UK.

Subsidiary and low-cost airlines lead the way for youngest airline fleets

Jaeger further commented on Europe’s youngest airline fleets saying, “We found the interesting phenomenon in Europe where the youngest fleets belong to airlines operating as branded, in-house subsidiaries of larger airline groups. The uncertainty of Brexit, airlines looking for lower-cost operating models, and a flux of other reasons mean European airlines are creating subsidiaries in different countries and in many cases moving their youngest aircraft to these newly created entities. Good examples are Norwegian, Wizz Air, Ryanair, and SAS – these airline groups took all five leading places in Europe”.

Asia’s youngest airline fleet Flyadeal (Saudi), South America’s youngest fleet JetSMART (Chile), and Africa’s youngest fleet Jambojet (Kenya) are all low-cost airlines.

“This year, we also looked at the youngest fleets for larger airlines separately, because fleet renewal for these airlines is more complex and requires more capital than for small start-ups,” said Jaeger. “In the category of airlines with 50 aircraft or more, we see Asian low-cost airlines dominating the list. The list of the youngest fleet with 100 aircraft or more, is led by Russian national carrier Aeroflot”.

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