This is what Robert De Niro thinks of U.S President Donald Trump


The well-known actor Robert De Niro has not been a fan of Donald Trump way before Trump even became the United States President. De Niro stuck to his feelings expressed in his “f*ck Trump” speech from last year’s Tony Awards, when he recently pushed back at his carpers from Fox News by saying again, “F*ck ’em”.

Yesterday, De Niro spoke to Sunday morning talk show Reliable Sources, where he said that Trump “should not be president, period”.

Brian Stelter, the host of the talk show, mentioned De Niro’s speech from last year, carefully recounting the event as “when you got up there and cursed”.

De Niro replied with, “F*ck ’em. F*ck ’em”.

Somebody out of the shot exclaimed, “Whoa!”, after which De Niro said “Sorry, sorry”.

“Well, you know, this is cable, so it’s not an FCC violation, but it is still a Sunday morning,” said Stelter prior to inquiring why the actor chose to take that approach.

De Niro’s view of Trump

“We are in a moment in our lives, in this country, where this guy is like a gangster,” De Niro explained. “We say over and over again, ‘This is terrible, we’re in a terrible situation, we’re in a terrible situation,’ and this guy just keeps going on and on and on without being stopped.”

It appears that De Niro is merely broadcasting what many others are feeling too. One individual supporting De Niro’s attitude tweeted, “He was all of us in that moment.”

August 2016, prior to Trump’s presidency, De Niro said the Trump was “totally nuts”. De Niro also posted a clip saying that he would like to punch the candidate (at that time) in his face. He described Trump as “an idiot, a national disaster, an embarrassment to this country – this fool, this bozo”.

After Trump became president, De Niro told Jimmy Kimmel, “I can’t do that now he’s president. I have to respect that position.”

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