Tornado threat for millions of people across the Midwest U.S


Around a dozen tornadoes manifested in the Oklahoma area, posing a threat to roughly six million Americans. Over 12 tornadoes have been reported in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas, but for the most part they seem to be avoiding densely populated areas. Flash floods from relentless rain threatens several areas throughout the Midwest, although as of yet, there have been no recorded injuries. Violent weather, hail, and twisters have damaged a number of houses, with possibly more damage to come as the carnage sweeps a 400 mile span.

Oklahoma inhabitants were worried as these tornadoes bring to mind the tragic deaths of 24 people from the Moore tornado six years ago. Greer County Emergency Management Director, Glynadee Edwards, said that several homes sustained damage to their roofs, and the agriculture barn at the high school was demolished, but fortunately the livestock was unharmed. Heavy thunderstorms still threaten the Missouri and Northern Arkansas areas. Certain schools had to cancel their classes due the forecast predictions of hail and wind speeds of 80mph. Several flights had to be cancelled as well at Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport.

What should you do?

Oklahoma Governor, Kevin Stitt, made a statement on Monday saying, “Multiple rounds of storms are expected to move through the state today into Tuesday. The public is urged to be weather aware throughout the day and overnight and have multiple ways to receive weather alerts. Individuals and families should review their preparedness plans, refill emergency kits, and clean out their safe refuge areas, including safe rooms, basements, or the lowest level interior room of their homes. Be prepared to take your emergency precautions before dangerous conditions threaten. Flash flooding will be an additional concern, and drivers are reminded not to drive around barricades or into flooded roadways.”

Although the weather conditions have been severe, it may not be as concerning as it was initially presumed, as there have been no reports of any injuries so far.

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