Tourism: Why a casino can be a solid business model


Although the last recession saw casino profits drop significantly, home costs in Las Vegas decreased, and an economic pillar for Clark County – gambling tourism – lost a lot of employees, today Las Vegas has regained much of its strength. However, the city of sin isn’t the greatest gambling attraction anymore. The Chinese governed Asian Island of Macau has claimed that title.

Atlantic City, Atlanta, London, South America, and Monte Carlo are also climbing the industry ranks as they assert their positions as exemplary cities for gambling tourists.

The house always wins for a reason

Most casinos implement effective yet subtle tactics to get the most out of their consumers. Nearly every game you find in a casino is structured to give the house an advantage. Games of “chance” almost always sway slightly in the favour of the casino, ensuring that over time, the house will make more than they lose. A typical gambling tourist can easily spend around $1,000 with each visit, and with an average of 10,000 visitors a month, $10 million can be moved through a casino very quickly. With a medial house advantage of roughly 10 percent, a casino can make profits of $1 million each month on games alone without breaking a sweat.

Keeping the customers drunk and happy

Casino also like to keep their customers drinking. If you’re spending cash consistently, a gambling establishment will happily bring you free drinks, because nobody spends money like a drunk gambler. Along with the absence of clocks on the wall to reduce your awareness of time, the casino lighting and interior setting is also designed in a way that makes it impossible to tell whether it’s night or day. Some casinos even push more oxygen into the gambling floor to make their consumers happier and keep them more awake so they can gamble for longer.

With the convenience of online gambling, not everyone needs to travel to get their gambling fix anymore, so the gambling floor might not be the sole bread winner. Night clubs, luxury shopping, and other exciting attractions are also responsible for drawing in tourists to gambling cities.



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