Tourist accidentally breaks code from antique vault and finds “treasure”

stephen mills

A tourist accidentally managed to crack the code of an antique vault.

This is a hotel safe that once stood at the Brunswick Hotel in the Canadian town of Vermilion.

Since the 1970s, several experts have tried in vain to open the heavy thing, because there might be a “treasure” in it.

The vault has been in the Vermilion Heritage Museum since 1990, where cultural heritage from the area is exhibited.

In that year, the new management of the Brunswick Hotel, which opened in 1906, decided to hand over the closed, jet-black safe to the museum.

However, with the agreement that if the safe were ever to be opened, any contents would return to the rightful owner.

But nobody managed to crack the secret code.

Even former hotel staff members failed to make the right combination.

Until tourist Stephen Mills visited the museum earlier this week with his family.

According to the BBC, Mills, a Canadian and welder by profession, stopped during a tour of the vault.

Then he told the joke that he would easily open the thing.

“I thought it would be nice to discover what would be in that historical ‘time capsule’. I saw that the numbers to choose from ran from 0 to 60 and decided to try the very simple and fairly predictable number series 20-40-60. On good luck I turned three times clockwise (20), twice counterclockwise (40) and once clockwise (60). To my astonishment, I heard a clicking sound coming out of the mechanism and the thick door suddenly swung open after a jerk on the handle,” said a still bewildered Mills.

Once open, the safe appeared to contain the opposite of a treasure.

Under a layer of dust, only a receipt of a hamburger with mushrooms (1.5 dollars) and a pack of cigarettes of 1 dollar were found.

Very unfortunate, according to Mills and the museum management.

Nevertheless, the find is added to the collection of the Vermilion Heritage Museum, because it gives an impression of products from the seventies.

According to probability calculators, the tourist has had nothing but luck by guessing the correct code.

The chance of this is very small: 1 in 216,000.

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