Trapped in a shopping center due to a flooding city


A number of people got stuck in the Meadowhall shopping center in the city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England last night when brutal rains resulted in flooding across the city. The floods left most roads unusable and even the trains services had to be suspended. More than 30 houses in the town of Mansfield were evacuated following a mudslide.

Many customers at the Christmas Live event at Meadowhall became trapped when the banks of a river in the area broke away, flooding most of the region. Police recommended that people should stay indoors after traffic jams blocked up most of the roads around the center, including the M1 motorway.

16 year old Harriet Fullen and her friends waited patiently for the Christmas event only to be told just after 5pm that it was cancelled. With impassable roads and no functioning train services, Fullen and her friends were included in the roughly five dozen individuals who had no choice but to take shelter inside the center.

Confined in the dining quarter

“We had to go and buy our own blankets and pillows and food and drink to supply ourselves, not to mention the new outfits we had to buy due to how wet through ours were from the day,” Fullen said in an email whilst held up the center’s Oasis dining area. “We have then not had many updates given to us and nor do we know what it’s like outside. We are stuck here until the morning awaiting information of whether we are able to leave tomorrow or not. People have gone to restaurants to sleep on the booths as all of us are shattered.”

Sales representative Ethan Rylett who works at a dentistry supply company close to the center, says that he became aware of the increasing water level at his office around midday and was sent home shortly afterwards.

“I’m stressed about the impact it could have on the business,” said Rylett. “We did as much as we can to get as much stock from ground level but we’ve got a lot of technical equipment that’s built in to the workstations”.

Although most shoppers vacated the center before the 10pm closing time, a small group of people decided to remain in Meadowhall until some light can be shed on the situation and they’re confident enough that they can make it home safely.

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