Trump displays a lack of empathy on the 18th anniversary of 9/11


There have been few examples of presidents who lead their country based on compassion and empathy, a hard truth that was emphasized by United States President Donald Trump on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack.

Yesterday morning, Trump began his day on Twitter as if it were any other day. As 8:46am passed (the precise time the first plane collided with the World Trade Center in 2001) he continued with his self-focused tweets.

“In a hypothetical poll, done by one of the worst pollsters of them all, the Amazon Washington Post/ABC, which predicted I would lose to Crooked Hillary by 15 points (how did that work out?), Sleepy Joe, Pocahontas and virtually all others would beat me in the General Election,” Trump posted at 8:12 am. “This is a phony suppression poll, meant to build up their Democrat partners. I haven’t even started campaigning yet, and am constantly fighting Fake News like Russia, Russia, Russia. Look at North Carolina last night. Dan Bishop, down big in the Polls, WINS. Easier than 2016!”

He went on to tweet at 8:19am, “If it weren’t for the never ending Fake News about me, and with all that I have done (more than any other President in the first 2 1/2 years!), I would be leading the ‘Partners’ of the LameStream Media by 20 points. Sorry, but true”.

Brief reflection on 9/11

After Trump arrived at the Pentagon to place a wreath at the memorial site, he soon brought the focus on himself.

“I vividly remember when I first heard the news,” said Trump. “I was sitting at home watching a major business television show. Early that morning Jack Welch, the legendary head of General Electric was about to be interviewed, when all of a sudden, they cut away.”

The U.S President continued to speak about the variety of theories that were going around at the time about what might have happened: “It was a boiler fire, but I knew that boilers weren’t at the top of a building. It was a kitchen explosion at Windows on the World. Nobody knew what happened”. Trump added that he “saw a second plane go into the second tower” from the window in his office in midtown Manhattan.

Further in his speech, Trump veered off to speak about his choice to scrap planned talks with the Taliban at Camp David.

“We have hit our enemy harder than they have ever been hurt before and that will continue,” promised Trump. He further commented that although the United States would not turn to nuclear power in Afghanistan, “they have never seen anything like what will happen to them.”

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